GrowSun 50 x 3W LED Grow Light

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GrowSun 50 x 3W LED Grow Light

The Third Generation of E.shine LED Grow Light

Nowadays, LED grow lights are more and more popular for plants growing than high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) lamps in environment protection and energy saving. Do you know the Earth is melting by the heat discharged every day? LED grow lights produce much less heat than HPS/MH lamps, no need cooling systems, no heat discharge to living space. Save your money also protect your weather.

Red and blue light produced by LED grow lights are all useful, and can be all obsorbed by plants for photosynthesis. No waste and no harmful light for plants. LED grow lights do not contain mercury or other harmful heavy mental.

Do you know energy is limited and will be used up some day? LED grow lights are saving 60-80% energy compared to HPS/MH lamps. Keeping using LED grow lights 5-7 years in its lifespan, see how much energy you will have saved for the world, and also the money saved on electricity bill and maintain cost.


LED Grow Light

50x3W LED Grow Light


  • Tested out PAR value, over 1200 PAR reading from 10cm distance
  • Wide-screen design, big face for LED to emit more effective light
  • No glue assembly, built-in power supply with wire connectors high quality and easy maintain
  • Silicone pad for heat conductor and insulator between LEDs and heatsink
  • Produce less heat, 10 ºC-12 ºC temperature rise
  • Three quality fans on back run against heat
  • Two easy on/off switches, detachable power cord
LED Grow Light


PAR stands for Photosynthetically Available Radiation. The PAR range extends from 400nm-700nm on any PAR measuring device, which is called a Quantum Light Meter. The PAR unit of measurement is called a micro mole, which expresses the photon flux density of light per square meter. The more micro moles you have per square meter, the higher your flux density is. The higher your density is, the faster your plants can grow.



E.shine LED Grow Light are great for greenhouses, hobby growing, horticultural park, plant-breeding house, commercial growers, nurseries, urban gardeners, medical institutions, school etc.

LED Grow Light

Technical Specifications

Item Value Item Value
Item NO. ES-50x3W-3GB Power 50x3W
LED Spectums 450/470/630/660//730nm more… LED Quantity 50PCS 3W LED
Size (mm) 464L x 124W x 70H LED angle 90 degree
Voltage AC85-260V Operating Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input Current 0.4~1.0A Weight 3.8 Kg
Work Temperature –20ºC to 60ºC Packing 630x320x210mm / 2pcs


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