GrowSun Professional Modular LED Grow Light Range

‘Watch Out, There’s a new Sheriff in Town…’

The New GrowSun Professional LED Grow Light Range Are By Far The Most Cost-Effective ‘Watt for Watt’ Solution For Providing Targeted Light Spectrums To Enhance And Maximize Your Plants Performance…

Our advanced LED lighting systems seriously boosts the yield and quality of almost any crop while at the same time keeping your running costs down. The use of our Energy-efficient 20 watt modular Multi-chips provide the exact targeted light spectrum needed for all stages of growth. The built-in computer controlled system allows you to dial in your preferred settings including lighting intensities and colour spectrums. You can also set the automatic timer which will deliver the perfect amount of light, making this the first truly ‘set & forget’ LED Grow Light System. So from seed to flower the GrowSun Range enables growers to achieve optimum results consistently without high operating costs. That’s why GrowSun LED Grow Lights are fast becoming the preferred choice of hobby and expert indoor growers from around the World.


LED Multi-Chips…

Both the 160W Smart and the 320W Professional LED Grow Lights boast and array of 20 watt LED Multi-chips that run independently of each other. This is what makes the GrowSun Range a fully modular LED Grow Light. Each LED Multi-chip is made up of 7 different colour LED’s, However the LED Chip colour ratios differ depending on which spectrum is required. These chips can be easily removed in the event of failure or custom colour spectrum. (please watch the video) The GrowSun 320W Professional delivers double the red and blue PAR of a 600 Watt HPS whilst cutting energy consumption by up to 55%…

Create The Perfect Growing Environment

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing primary or supplementary lighting is ‘uniform light distribution’ and ‘hot spots’. The GrowSun LED Grow Light Systems enable you to really make the most of your growing environment. Due to the low operating temperatures of our LED lights you remove the risk of stressing or even damaging your plants. Not only are watering and feeding times reduced but also electricity and heat making the GrowSun the sensible, long term option…

Excellent ‘Return on Investment’

Obviously there is an low initial out lay when opting to install GrowSun LED Grow Lights, however this cost really is clawed back very quickly and growers see bills reduced by around half, quarter after quarter. Because the built-in computer controls the lighting intensities to each required stage of growth and the Meanwell power supply pack is super energy-efficient, the GrowSun 320W Pro cost between 40% to 70% less to operate than a traditional 600W HPS bulb. The design of the GrowSun range means you also eliminate the need for ballasts and reflectors which adds to your savings.

‘Plug& Play’ LED Grow Light Solution Right Out The Box…

Everything you need to complete a full installation comes in the box… Simple connect the mounting cables to a secure fitting, power the system up and off you go- A truly remarkable ‘plug & play’ LED Grow Light System. Look after your LED Grow Light and it will look after you! With very simple maintenance the GrowSun LED Grow Light Range will last a lifetime. The LED chips run for approx. 50,000 hours before they need replacing. Due to the modular design your LED grow light never needs to go offline which means your crops don’t suffer. Your initial investment will continue to pay you back for many years to come. Green Initiatives.Net are so confident in the GrowSun LED Grow Light Range that they have offered a 5 year ‘iron clad’ warranty to all its customers which includes full UK-based Grower Support – In fact we even offer to replace any LED Multi-chips for FREE in the event of failure within the 1st year.

Modular LED Multi-Chip Design

GrowSun is the first LED Grow Light to feature a completely modular LED Multi-Chip. The benefits are obvious for growers as ‘down-times’ are significantly reduced and the ability to change or customize the light spectrum can be achieved in minutes. A complete modular LED Chip design means that each LED Chip operates independently and can be replaced without affecting the performance of the other LED chips which means no sudden change of conditions for your crops. With a non-modular LED light, if just one LED chip failed this would invariably result in a total system shut down. 9 times out of 10 the LED Grow Light would have to be shipped back to the manufacture for repair which could take weeks…In the mean time your crop could be lost!

Impressive Build Quality

  • Built-in Auto Power Save Offers An Advanced Thermal Management System that automatically decreases the light intensities for long-lasting performance
  • Single 20 watt LED with 12-bands multi-chips for the best mixture of different spectra, most effective & powerful for optimal performance
  • Each 20watt LED can be easily replaced thanks to our unique modular solder-free design
  • Using MeanWell power supply with safe voltage DC36V output
  • Built-in fans with IP55 Rating -Whole anti-rust aluminum casing for better heat solution
  • The Rolls Royce of LED Grow Lights are beautifully designed and constructed – another level of styling!
  • 5 years warranty
  • Full Customer Support from a UK-based Team

Recommended Applications

  • Agricultural and Horticultural Operations
  • Commercial Vegetable and Flower Production
  • Primary or Supplementary Greenhouse Lighting
  • Hydroponics -Indoor Farms -Laboratory Research

Key Features

  • 12-bands full enhanced spectral PAR output from 400-760nm which delivers the best photosynthesis effects
  • Energy Saving design Reduces Your Running Costs by 70% per quarter
  • Full Program/Lighting Intensities/Stage/Timer Control System
  • Wireless remote control – Complete Control at the touch of a button
  • Reflector surface design to maximize light coverage and prevents loss
  • Modular System with Easy to replace LED multi-chips and power supply
  • Runs 50% cooler than HPS lighting
  • Massive heat sinks keep LEDs running cool even if you are running them 24 hours per day
  • No mercury or other harmful materials used – RoHS compliant (mercury- and lead-free)
  • More red and blue PAR per Watt than any other lighting fixture
  • Adjust the ratio of the red and blue spectrum by selecting SEEDING, VEG or BLOOM settings.
  • Adjust the light intensities for each stage from 10% to 100% to offer the perfect level for your plants.


GrowSun 160W Smart LED Grow Light System

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GrowSun 320W Professional LED Modular Grow Light System

GrowSun 160W Smart LED Modular Grow Light System

GrowSun 12W Spot LED Grow Light

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